Yonka Men’s Barber Shave


Yonka Men’s Barber Shave – 100ml

Eases the shaving process by preparing the skin.


Yonka Men’s Barber Shave – 100ml

With its smooth and foaming texture, Barber Shave leaves the skin soft and velvety after shaving.

Its plus:
– its high pH level allows a very close shave
– its soothing and hydrating agents, allantoin, aloe vera and vegetal glycerin, soften the hair and ensure precise shaving while leaving the skin comfortable
– sweet almond oil and vitamin B5 participate to hydration and soothing
– and a blend of essential oils,-(among which: citruses, patchouli, pepper mint) refreshing and purifying, and leaving the skin clean and refreshed.


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