Yonka Men’s Nutri – Moist


Yonka Men’s Nutri – Moist – 40ml

An advanced face nourishing activator with skin brightening grapefruit and potent multi-vitamin antioxidants.


Yonka Men’s Nutri – Moist – 40ml

Nutri – Moist, vitamins with multiple benefits and hydrating and nourishing actives for soft and comfortable skin :

– Regenerating vitamin A combined with antioxidant vitamins C and E,
– Grapefruit extract and Vitamin B5 for their hydrating and soothing properties
– Nourishing and protecting squash seed and olive oils to promote a well hydrated and more comfortable skin,
– A combination of essential oils (among which orange, lemon, sweet lime, lavender and rosemary) for their refreshing and purifying qualities, leaving the skin fresh and clean.


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